We look forward to the opportunity to journey with your family in this exciting adventure of faith.   As a community we will support you through a preparation process that we invite you to, in order to make sure that you and the godparents are well prepared for this beautiful sacrament.


Baptisms are celebrated with the parish at Mass on the last Sunday of the month. Parents please complete the form below to register for your child's Baptism or for questions about the sacrament or the Baptismal Rite. 

In Preparation for Baptism, parents are asked to make the following arrangements:

  • Register their child for the sacrament of Baptism at least two months in advance.

  • Select one or two godparents. (At least one of the godparents must be Catholic)

  • Participate in our Baptism Preparation program prior to the Baptism.

We request a modest donation of $50 to cover the preparation and baptism materials. The fee to use a Church Hall for a Baptismal reception is $100.00.