• Our Christmas Family Food Project provides food vouchers for family Christmas Dinners for a number of families in Mainland South.   To get involved, contact Isaac McEachen at

  • Beginning Friday, May 21st, 2021, Twelve Baskets, Stella Maris Parish outreach ministry, will provide a free, light take-out meal every Friday evening, between 6 and 7 PM, out of the St Michael’s Church Hall site (while supplies last). For further information contact Stella Maris Parish office at 902 477-3530 or

  • The St Paul’s United Food Bank Support provides donations of food and other necessities to the well-established community food bank.  To get involved, contact Bill and Ann Dwyer at

  • Our Christmas Day Community Dinner provides a Christmas Day dinner experience to any and all in Mainland South.  To get involved, contact Sister Anne Marie Ezenwa at


  • Get to know our Refugees:

       - As a parish we have undertaken the responsibility of sponsoring four Syrian Refugees.  One refugee, Mohamad is a young

       man who is currently residing with his parents in Lebanon. Two sisters and brothers-in-law reside in Halifax and will provide for

       his needs upon arrival in Canada.  Osman, Sawsan and their baby Judy are currently residing in Iraq. Osman and Sawsan are

       university educated. Both were working prior to the birth of their daughter. Sawsan has since left work to care for Judy. Upon

       their arrival we, as a parish, we are responsible for obtaining and paying for a 2 bedroom apartment for one year or until such

       time as they are financially secure, whichever comes first. In addition, we will act as their guide as they navigate their new home.

       They will require, among other things, seasonal clothing, bus passes, assistance finding a doctor and a dentist, applying for a

       social insurance number and for MSI cards.

       Refugee Sponsorship update:  As our Covid restrictions lessen and we are able to again attend mass in larger numbers it is time

       to think about fundraising for our Refugees.  We are looking for donations for a basket that we will be selling tickets on.   If you

       know of anyone who has a business please consider asking them if they would consider donating a service or item for our

       fundraising- it does not need to be a large item as we understand that Covid has been a challenging time for many.  It is also an

       opportunity to showcase some of the many talents at Stella Maris Parish….gratefully accepted for the basket would be

       homemade preserves, wine, woodworking items, and other craft items.  Other possibilities for donations could be a coupon to

       make a dessert or a casserole for the winner of the basket.  Please note that any items which are consumable would require

       contact information.  Items can be dropped off at the Parish office during office hours or contact Michael or Cathy at

       (902) 292-8405 or

       Canada is once again welcoming refugees.  Our refugees still require their intake interview, medical assessment and

       background check before they can be welcomed to Canada. 


  • Update on our Refugees:

       - We were finally able to make contact with Mohamad’s family. On November 2nd we met with his brother in law, Gaith, and

         interpreter Sara at Greg Aiken’s boat house.  We learned that Mohamad has little to fill his days as he is unable to work due to

         lack of papers.  He previously worked as a baker.  Gaith lives in Halifax, is employed as a baker and feels certain that he will

         be able to secure work for Mohamad when he reaches Halifax.  Greg is currently  traveling and in a few weeks will be in

         Lebanon. He has arranged to meet with Mohamad.  We learned that Mohamad enjoys sketching and Gaith indicated that he is

         quite talented.  While there, Greg will be delivering  a gift of art supplies from our Parish along with some gifts from Mohamad’s

         family here in Halifax.


  • Monetary Donations:

       - Our goal is to reach $30,000.  We currently have $23,327.  If you would like to donate to this project, you can send a secure

       E-Transfer to or CLICK HERE to access our Parish Donation page (please be sure to add a message

       that your donation is for the Syrian Refugee Project).  Your donations are tax deductible. 

  • Current needs:

       - People willing to devote their time to this worthy endeavour either for the duration or for a specific task (such as obtaining

         specific forms, selling tickets). We promise not to harass you to do more than you are offering.

       - Ideas! How do we raise the necessary funds in these challenging times?

  • Upcoming planned events:

      - Ninety Christmas cards have been generously donated that we will sell when the season approaches.

  • Donations received:

       - ​Bake ware (muffin and cookie sheets, silicone casserole dish), Bench, Britta, Casserole cover, Child safety latches x2, Clock

       radio, Coffee table (1 at parish, 1 donated and to be picked up), Couch cushions 2 rectangular and orange, one rectangle cover

       lime green, Cutlery (4 place setting), Dishes-Set (4 piece setting with mugs), Duvet king size x 2 with cover and shams, 

       Extension cords x2, Fondue forks, Food processor (1x small, 1x large), Frames, Glassware (some, could use more), Hair

       dryer, Ironing board (needs new cover pad), Iron, **Kettle (could use another as lid is broken), Keurig with coffee and hot

       chocolate pods, Knives, Lamp (gooseneck), Mirrors x 3 (2 rectangular, 1 long), Mixing bowls (metal), Nightlight, Pictures for wall

       x 2, Pillows (feather), Plants (artificial x2), Pizza stones (x2), Pots and Pans, Ricer, Rolling pin, Silence cloth for table, 

       Strainer, Table cloth (white, lace), Table runner, Table-side table (small, tole painted with folding sides), Toaster, Tooth brushes

       (x2 electric), Tupperware, Water pitcher, Wok, kitchen table and chairs, baby stroller, double mattress and box spring

  • Donations being held until required:

       - Twin bed, Coffee table

  • Donations required closer to arrival:

       - ​2 bedroom apartment (parish is responsible for obtaining and rent x 1 year), Queen size bed (will purchase new sheets),

         Towels (new), Curtains (when we know size of windows in apartment), Living room and bedroom lamps, Cutting board,

         Children’s toys and books (when sex and age available), Child car seat when we know the age and weight, Crib, Toys, books,

         Truck and labour for transporting goods to apartment



  • Our Christmas Care Package project provides care packages of warm clothing and toiletry items to the homeless in downtown   Halifax. To get involved, contact Ross Lawrence at

  •  Shelter NS Support provides monetary donations for specified needs of residents at Spryfield Apartments Shelter.  To get   involved,   contact Michael Coughlan at



  • Our Immigrant Sponsorship sponsors refugees emigrating to Canada and supports their integration into the community.  To get   involved,   contact Michael and Cathy Bedford at

  • Our Kairos Ministry addresses the spiritual and physical needs of individuals in need in Mainland South.  To get     involved, contact Sister Anne Marie Ezenwa at


  • Our Phone Tree Team maintains phone contact with isolated parishioners during current Covid restrictions.  To get involved, contact Isaac McEachen at

  • New Parishioner Support welcomes and provides registration information and support to new parishioners.  To get involved, contact Paula Lawlor at

  • Ministry of Care and Compassion responds to parishioners who have requested spiritual, physical support.  To get involved, contact Isaac McEachen at

  • Our Hospitality Team greets and welcomes parishioners and visitors to weekend liturgies, provides initial contact to new parishioners, and provides safety and support during the current Covid restrictions.  To get involved, contact Jackie MacEachen at

  • Our Ministry to Long Term Care Homes visits and brings the Eucharist to those living in long term care homes in our parish.  To get involved, contact Theresa Belliveau at



  • Alpha Team. If you have experience as a helper or host let us know! If you’d like to support Alpha in other ways such as the food ministry, administration or child care that would be wonderful too! To get involved email


  • Faith Studies. We’re looking at using this program for evangelization and/or discipleship formation. If you have experience facilitating any part of that program please contact



  • Foundation Ministry-prayer ministry that focuses on building, strengthening and maintaining a good foundation which we can depend on to hold up the church and be strong enough to build on as it grows. To get involved contact 


  • Alpha prayer ministry - prayer team focused on praying for the success of our Alpha program as well as the individuals who are taking part in the program. To get involved contact 


  • Family Faith Formation Prayer Ministry- prayer team devoted to praying for the success of our Family Faith Formation program as well as personally praying for the students/families registered in the program. To get involved contact 


  • Home Based Prayer Ministry- parishioners praying at home for the needs of the parish as well as for intentions of parishioners, including the sick and those with specific requests. To get involved contact 


  • Eventide - 1 hour of praise and worship, witness, and praying for intentions submitted during the previous month, with an opportunity for personal prayer with a prayer team. Held the last Tuesday of each month from September to May, excluding December. To get involved, contact