The Hebridean

This weekend marks the 81st anniversary of the sinking of the pilot boat Hebridean. In the past, this tragic event was marked with a memorial mass. This year the anniversary falls on Palm Sunday, so we at Stella Maris now take a moment to pray in a special way for those souls lost in this tragedy which has touched the lives of many of our parishioners.

As some of you may know, it was close to midnight on March 28, 1940, that the freighter Esmond, while entering Halifax Harbour, accidentally struck and sank Hebridean while she stood station off Portuguese Cove, taking the lives of nine of her crew. Most of those on board were from Herring Cove. In those dark days of World War II, it was but one more sinking among many, but the loss of Hebridean, and the resulting deaths of nine men from this community, made a deep impact that has echoed down to the present day. In a matter of moments, dozens lost a husband or a brother. Thirty-five children lost a father. The relatives of many of these men worship with us here at Stella Maris.

Carleton Dempsey, Matthew Power, James Dempsey, Roy Purcell, Lorne Dempsey, James Renner, Claude Martin, Lawrence Thomas, Lionel Pelham

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.


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