Know God – Love God – Serve God 



What is a Small Group? Small Groups are regular gatherings of people who meet to explore their faith and grow as missionary disciples while supporting each other. They are a community that enables people to journey through life’s joy’s and challenges facilitated by a leader and co-leader. 


Why join a Small Group? We cannot walk with Jesus alone.  Our faith journeys are meant to be shared with others and best grows when we are surrounded with others who have the same goal. 


Group Components

  • 6-12 people (max!) 

  • Meeting Frequency: Bi-weekly 

  • Meeting Length: 1.5-2 Hrs

  • Meeting location flexible (not at church)             

  • Connect: Social time/activity, food, drink, personal sharing 

  • Grow: Live talks, Christian faith programs

  • Pray: Group prayer time

How Do Small Groups Work? There’s lots of flexibility. Together with your group leader, you can customize your group meeting around the 3 key pillars (Connect, Grow and Pray).  The goal is to accompany people on their journey to mature discipleship.


3 Pillars of Small Groups: CONNECT, GROW, PRAY


TO CONNECT: To be involved in the lives of others.  To truly accompany them in their lives and share in their daily hopes, joys and struggles. To get to know their families, friends and to demonstrate how God’s love can offer encouragement and hope in their daily lives.  

Examples: Personal sharing, enjoying a meal together, coffee-tea and dessert, talking, listening,  walking, other shared activities in any setting that makes sense to the group.


TO GROW: To offer opportunities to better understand the Christian faith in a Catholic context of missionary discipleship, through learning, group participation, personal reflection and sharing. As with the Connect pillar, this is left up to groups to select from the Parish-recommended list (or propose an alternate), based on mutual interest on your journey of maturing as a disciple of Jesus Christ where individuals take personal responsibility for mission.

             Examples: Video series, book studies, personal talks, guest speakers, Formed.


TO PRAY: To take the opportunity to experience personal interaction with God in a group setting.

Examples: Silent and/or verbal group prayer, prayer with scripture (lectio divina), praying over people, praying the rosary, praise and worship music, contemplative prayer.  



Materials & Resources

A catalogue of programs/resources is available from the parish so that groups can easily get going and have confidence that they are using good material.